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Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Journey to 110: Exercise back but Weight stays put in Week Two

I hate the Stairs at Totara Park
I must admit this week has been hard to take, after last week I said I was going to get back into my exercise and I expected the drop some serious weight.
This, however, was not to be in what was my first disappointing week of my new Journey.

I did bring exercise back.
Regular walks including hitting the Totara Park Stairs with friends on Sunday and daily workouts in my garage using an app I found have had me sweating up a storm and had me psyched to jump on the scales.
But when I did I sighed, 128kgs, the same as last week.

It's pretty frustrating, but I'm trying to look at things positively.
Perhaps I'm just impatient, and if I continue my exercise and keep at it, the weight will come off, and my goal weight will get closer and closer.
The diet side of things is still going along smoothly, Chicken and Spinach seem to be consuming my life, but at least I love both.
Eliminating sugar needs to be a top priority, I think I need to cut down on my coffee intake and move onto green tea as that would cut a lot of sugar out of my diet.
Chicken and Spinach Salad

So no weight loss by my weigh in time this week was a tough pill to swallow after the work I put in this week but this setback will not define my journey.
Despite this weeks result, I am still confident that I will get to my goal, im a few weeks away from this years first fun run and believe I will turn this around.

Do any of you have any tips or suggestions on what I can do to help get the weight to start to come off again?
Any food or exercise ideas would be great.
So at the end of my second week, I am disappointed in the result but keeping my eye on my goal.
Week three is going to be better, so until then hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon.

Current Weight: 128Kg’s
Goal Weight: 110Kg’s
Kg’s to go: 18Kg’s

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Journey to 110: Slow Start in Week One

Not a bad Dinner 

 First of all, I want to thank you for all the encouragement and tips that were sent my way.
I really had no idea where to start with this beginning, so all the information that has been giving to me has been beneficial.

The first week of my new journey did not work out entirely as I had envisioned.
I improved what I was eating, gone was the crap and sugar (man sugar is in everything) and in its place was a lot of spinach (Popeye would be jealous), salmon, poached eggs and fruit.
I don't miss the unhealthy options in these early stages, I just need to ensure that I don't let being busy at work hinder the new food plan.
If anyone has any tips or ideas for on the go breakfast meals for work mornings, please let me know (right now I am alternating between oats and scrambled eggs).

Unfortunately, the most prominent problem in my first week has been a lack of exercise.
Exercise hasn't happened, cant make an excuse, the first week back at work and hot weather brought the laziness back in full force.
I had plans to venture up the Pinnacles in the Coromandel in the weekend, but with the recent storm, the tracks had been closed, so I wasn't able to make the trip.
I know for this to work I need to get active and get into a routine, I'm going to start slowly, even just a brisk walk every day.

Do you have any other good ideas for exercise for people just starting?
What else is great to go along with walking?
I will be entering all the funrun’s I can again this year, the first one I have found is a 10km in Highbrook in February so that will be the first of hopefully many in 2018.
I am also aiming to get some hikes under my belt on the weekends, taking advantage of the all the bush tracks we have around Auckland.

The key is just getting off my ass and doing the work, by writing about my week on here I know I cant repeat the lack of effort I made this week.
So at the end of my first week, I am disappointed in myself, I only lost a kilo, but a kilo down is still a kilo closer to my goal.
Week two is going to be better, so until then hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon.

Current Weight: 128Kg’s
Goal Weight: 110Kg’s
Kg’s to go: 18Kg’s