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Saturday, 24 January 2015

To write or not to write

Hi all

I haven't updated the blog in a little while, but I have actually started trying to write my attempt of a book after 2-3 years of avoiding putting pen to pad (Or more accurately fingers to keyboard).
I have started afresh with a slightly different concept, and hopefully this time I will actually get to complete it.

But I thought I would put a section up on here and get feedback, so have a read of the below and let me know what you think and if I should continue with my story or not.

Appreciate any feedback.

The cold air hit Steve as he stared out at the Valhedge skyline from his balcony, the city was a hive of activity, and it was rubbing off on him as he hadn't slept for days.
He pushed himself away from the railing and made his way back inside towards the bathroom.
Staring at his reflection in the mirror sickened him, he was six foot two, and his muscular frame was beginning to look worse for wear.
His once jet black hair was now speckled with grey and he wore the face of a fifty-year-old when he was in fact on thirty-eight, his life as a Detective in Valhedge had aged him dramatically.
He recalled a time he had once decided to retire from this job and rushed home to let his wife Michelle know the goods news only to find her in bed with their marriage counsellor Jason Thorne.
The irony of that situation now makes him laugh but back then it was the night everything fell apart for him, and the ongoing divorce settlement was killing him slowly every day.
The legal system had always repulsed him, and he was appalled that he was being made to look like the bad guy in this divorce even though Michelle had been the one cheating.
He stared down at his gun and wondered how many times he had actually thought about ending his pain right there in that bathroom.
The job that he hated so much was now the only thing in his life that had not let him down, and because of this, he threw himself completely into the job in a way that concerned his colleagues and even disturbed himself.
His cell phone sprung to life and brought Steve back to earth, at this time of night it could only be work related, so he resisted the urge of ignoring it and picked it up.
“Detective Taylor Speaking”
“Steve word is we have a body down by the Honeypot” replied the unmistakable voice of his partner.
“Alexis what a pleasant surprise” he replied, in the dark world he inhabited the only shining light was Alexis, her upbeat attitude never faulted despite the terrible things she had seen so far in her career.
“I’m on my way there now Steve, meet me there, word from the station is that this one is a bit of a mess.”
“What do you mean by mess?” he asked,
“Well the victim is some kind of socialite and whoever killed her left a note with the body and …..” Alexis' voice trailed off as if she did not want to finish the sentence.
“Ok I will be there as soon as I can, see you soon” Steve answered realising that Alexis was uncharacteristically unsettled and it would be better to finish the conversation at the crime scene.
Steve quickly rushed to get dressed and made his way down to the Honeypot.