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Saturday, 30 December 2017

The Journey to 110

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash
In September I decided I needed to make a change.
I was unhappy, miserable and angry, you see I had gone back to my lazy ways and started making poor choices, and as a result, I once again started to gain weight.
So I started exercising again and stopped eating crap, and the weight started to come off.
I had planned to write about it as a way to keep myself in check but before I started to write my old friend laziness came back, and I offered no resistance.
He also brought a friend in the form of some of the weight I lost.

I was frustrated and angry with myself, so many people have helped me over the years with my weight and I had done so well for so long only to let myself down.
I took a long hard look in the mirror and decided that I would no longer give in to laziness and make excuses.
So this time I decided to write at the very start of my resurrected journey instead of waiting until I achieved some results.
I jumped on the scales and weighed 129kgs, 19kgs away from my goal of 110kgs.
I also took these pictures.

It's a big step for me as I seldom show anyone (Girlfriends included) myself topless, but I feel that if I am to be accountable on this journey I need to track my progress not only by the scales but with images that I will take once a month.

Now I do not claim to have any knowledge of weight loss or the right or wrong way to losing weight so I will not be trying to tell people how to do so.
Although if I mention something that I am doing that is wrong or not helping me, in the long run, please let me know.
I just am going to try things and see what works for me.

I returned to doing fun runs this year and will continue these in 2018.
This in combination with regular exercise and eating right should return me to a weight I am happy with.
To keep me on track and responsible for my own actions I will be writing on here once a week every week updating my activities, talking about the ups and downs I face and the progress made towards my goal.
For this to work for me I need to be honest when I write here, if I don't lose weight, slack off or anything of that nature I will be putting it in here, warts and all so to speak.

As a by-product, if this help's anyone else out there find the motivation to become healthier, well that would be amazing.
That's all I have for my first post on my new journey, if you have any words of wisdom or helpful tips, please let me know.

Current Weight: 129Kgs
Goal Weight: 110Kgs
Kgs to go: 19Kgs