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Friday, 25 September 2015

Coach Rumors Again?

Well after another disappointing season has come and gone the rumours of a new coach coming to the Vodafone Warriors have surfaced again.
This time the coach to be is claimed to be Stephen Kearney the current Kiwis coach and Brisbane Broncos assistant coach.
Warriors CEO Jim Doyle has come out and insisted that these rumblings are just merely rumours and that Andrew McFadden is going to continue to be the coach going forward and that they are still looking at bringing in a mentor to assist Andrew much like John Hart did with Ivan Cleary during his coaching run with the team.

Now some fans and media alike have questioned the lack of faith in McFadden's coaching ability since the Warriors feel the need to search for a mentor for him, but I see it from another angle.
In my opinion, I see Jim Doyle looking at Andrew McFadden as a long term coach for this side and to make it a success he is investing in his choice.
Also, I think many people forget that this season was Andrews first official full season as a Head Coach in the NRL there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet.
The Warriors management gave Ivan Cleary time to settle and mould the squad to his liking and turn them into a team that made the Grand Final in his last year as their coach.

Now it's true that Andrew may not be the man to turn this club around, but he needs and deserves to have more than a season and a half to prove if he is actually capable.
Now if the coach being rumoured at taking over was a "Super Coach" (Wayne Bennett or Craig Bellamy spring to mind) my opinion may be completely different, but I believe Stephen Kearney would be a step to the side or a step back for the Warriors right now.
I am willing to let Andrew continue as coach.
The 2016 season will be his first season with a squad full of players he wants and if/when they sign a mentor (Graham Lowe has been mentioned, and I think he would be a fantastic option) to help him fine tune his coaching style we will actually see if he has the ability to turn this team around but as the saying goes time will tell.

Jim Doyle made some other interesting comments when discussing the above rumour but due to what he said and my feelings on it I have a bit to say so I will talk about that on my next piece.
So until then if you have any comments about my thoughts on her let me know as I'm happy to talk about it and share this around to your friends.

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