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Saturday, 24 February 2018

The Journey to 110: Back on track in week 3 and 4

Auckland Botanical Gardens
Due to some personal issues, I did not write last week, so this is a week 3 & 4 update, the problems are still ongoing, but I'm hopeful that things will sort themselves out quickly and I can get back on track.

Week 3

After the disappointment of week two, I vowed to turn things around.
I aimed to do a walk every day and only missed one, I feel like I'm getting into a good routine, although im still very unfit and really feel the stairs I do, but I know it is going to get easier the longer I do it.
I went on a more substantial walk at Totara Park and the Botanical Gardens on Sunday and look forward to making the longer walks more of a prominent thing.

Food is going really well right now, I've been having shakes for breakfast in the morning and pretty much eliminated all junk out of my daily diet.
After my walk on Sunday, I spent the afternoon making tuna cakes (24 cakes in total) to throw in my freezer as ready to go meals for the times when im running late and in the past would just buy dinner which is going to help me stay on track.
I've never made them before, and I'm sure they're not amazing, but they taste alright to me which is all that matters.

So I jumped on the scales at the end of week 3, and I was 126.6Kg's, 1.4Kgs down from week two so im back on track once again but don't want to let my foot off.
I really feel confident about where im heading and I look forward to getting closer and closer to my goal.

Week 3
Current Weight: 126.6Kg’s
Goal Weight: 110Kg’s
Kg’s to go: 16.6Kg’s

Almost at the Top

Week 4

After getting back on track in week 3, I aimed for more of the same in week 4.
I feel that if I can make what I have been doing in past weeks into a habit, I will be well on the way to where I want to reach.

With my first fun run of the year coming up next week I tried increasing my walking throughout this week including going to Totara Park and going up the hill twice.
The Hill killed me both times but to be honest, I don't think I would have even made it up back in week one.
Big thanks go to the friends that go with me to Totara Park, a lot of times I really get in the frame of mind where I would rather just stay home watch tv or do some writing but knowing that I would be letting myself and my friends down really keeps me motivated.

My food is still going well, I have been tinkering with what I put in my breakfast shakes, using a lot of greens (Celery, Spinach and broccoli seem to go well with my Banana and berries).
The fishcakes I made are working really well, and I think when they are close to running out I will definitely be making another batch.

On weigh-in day I was nervous, I've been working hard, but I always feel like I'm not doing enough.
The scales read 125.7Kgs, only .90Kg down from week 3, but it is still a loss, so I'm looking at it with positivity.
I just need to persevere and keep consistently putting the effort in, and I will reap the rewards at the end.
Im looking forward to the fun run next week and will fill you all in on how that goes but until then hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon.

Week 4
Current Weight:125.7Kgs
Goal Weight: 110Kgs
Kg's to go: 15.7Kg's