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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

NZ Warriors 2020 Season Review: Road Warriors grit shines in unprecedented season, as hope builds for 2020

With the 2020 NRL season now completed, I decided it was the perfect time to comb through the Warriors year and conduct my season review.
2020 has been a season like no other, with COVID changing the landscape there were times when it looked like the season was not going to continue. 
After a less than stellar start, the Warriors found themselves in a situation where they had to base themselves in Australia for the entire season.

The odds were stacked against the New Zealand side. Still, as the season progressed, the Warriors found a tough edge and a top-eight finish started to look like a possibility, but unfortunately it wasn't to be as they finished the year in 10th position.
2020 was filled to the brim with talking, so let's just get into my review.

My Take on 2020

The Warriors ended the 2019 season in 13th place and in my 2020 season preview I was not overly confident that the Warriors would improve, so I predicted another 13th place finish.
I was wrong with that prediction with the Warriors finishing 10th, and despite still missing out on the playoffs I think they have shown enough to give me hope that 2021 will be happier times for the Warriors and other fans alike.

I think the 2020 season could easily be broken into two separate sections, the Kearney era and the post-Kearney era. 
Up until his final game as coach in round 6, the Warriors only manages two victories and four heavy defeats. They simply lacked attack and struggled with their defensive structure, the Warriors needed to do something and releasing Kearney from his contract was the decision they made.
I had given my thoughts on the decision back when it happened but to reiterate I was not a fan of how the decision was made but believe it was a decision that should have been made a while ago.

This lead to Todd Payten's promotion to head coach, to take over this side at that point in time with all the struggles this season had brought was not ideal, however instead of the Warriors falling apart like many had predicted, the Warriors started to grow a tough exterior and took several of the best sides in the competition to the limit. Besides two heavy defeats to the Storm and the Sharks, the Warriors looked a better outfit and were close to cracking the top eight, including my match of the year, a resounding 36-6 win over the Newcastle Knights in round 16.
This saw Todd Payten's run as coach ended with six wins and eight losses, still not a great record, but again it was more about the effort shown in those performances.

Overall the 2020 season was still disappointing, but in comparison to 2019 it was a welcomed step in the right direction, the Warriors just need to ensure that they take everything the platform they have set this season and build on it in 2021.

My Positives for 2020
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There were a few things that brought a smile to my face this season, but I have selected my top four positives for 2020.


This season was probably the toughest the Warriors have ever endured. Having to spend the entire season camped in Australia with a massive injury tally and the firing of the Head Coach, all of these challenges saw many pundits on both sides of the Tasman declare the Warriors destined for the Wooden Spoon.
But the longer the season went, the tighter this group became, the turning point for the side was when some of their key players decided to come home, it looked as if that was going to be the death blow to the 2020 season, but instead it installed grit in the remaining squad. No matter the challenge, the players were not going to roll over and wait for the season to end.
This side took teams like the Panthers and Roosters to the limit and showed that even when they were down by 13+, they would not give up and would keep battling until the 80th minute.
This has been the Warriors biggest downfall in the past, it is well known that other sides saw the Warriors as a 60-minute team and that as long as they kept close to the Warriors for the first hour, they would overtake them in the final stretch so seeing the Warriors improve that has made me more confident in the direction this club is heading.

This season was almost like an extra-long tour, and the team blossomed because of it, the many young players that the Warriors had to rely on got to learn so much from the experienced campaigners in the camp, and I think the Warriors will benefit from this experience for years to come.
2020 could be the year that makes this club what all the fans want it to be, a credible playoff team.
They just have to make sure that they don't take a step backwards when the 2021 season commences.

The Emergence of Rookies/ Loan Players

With the massive injury toll seeing the Warriors lose a majority of their front-rowers and the loss of Ken Maumalo and David Fusitu'a when they returned to New Zealand, it meant the Warriors were forced to lean on plenty of young players that would most likely have not got a lot of game time in a normal season. Pretty much all of the youngsters rose to this challenge.
Players like Eliesa Katoa, Jamayne Taunoa-Brown. Jack Murchie and Adam Pompey all became legitimate first graders in my eyes and have developed a lot quicker than they would have if they were sitting on the bench with limited chances. With Katoa being my standout, he has superstar written all over him and could become the Warriors rampaging the second-rower by the time I write my 2021 season review.
These youngsters were given a shot and took it with both hands, and I think many of them will be pushing for starting positions when next season comes around.

Before I move on I have to mention the loan players that the Warriors were gifted this season, It must be hard as a player to be sent to another club, but Poasa Faamausili, Jack Hetherington, Daniel Alvaro and George Jennings all arrived at the Warriors in the right frame of mind and gave it there all and kept the Warriors in a position to compete.
My standout loan players had to be Hetherington and Jennings. 
Hetherington brought an aggressive streak to the Warriors and became an enforcer of sorts, his discipline still needs plenty of improvement. I was hoping that the Warriors would be able to lure him to the club fulltime, but it wasn't to be with the Bulldogs snatching him up, a great signing for them and I wish him well.
Jennings slotted onto the wing for the Warriors like he had been with them all along, he ran hard and gave the Warriors some much-needed pace on the edge. He hadn't had the best luck in trying to cement a spot on the wing for the Eels, but in his short stint at the Warriors he showed everyone what he can offer, and it is no surprise that there are now rumours of the Storm looking to pick him up now that they are on the lookout for wingers.

Todd Payten

When Payten was handed the interim coaching role in round 7, he had the odds stacked against him. Taking over a team midseason is never ideal, but it didn't take him long to show his potential as a full-time head coach.
I was unsure of how he would go when he got the gig, but he won me over with his fresh and frank style. Kearney always appeared to struggle in post-match conferences, and you normally came away from the interviews with more questions than answers, but with Payten you knew exactly what he thought, and the players seemed to respond to this style.
He made good decisions on his gameday 17 and always picked a balanced bench, which was always my biggest gripe in the Kearney era.
As the team was heading toward the business end of the season, I was completely sold of Payten becoming the Warriors full-time coach and was happy when the Warriors decided to offer him the job and then was shocked when Payten turned it down. He cited family reasons which you cannot blame him for, but I'm sure he also told that they Cowboys job was his for the taking.
A massive thank you needs to go to Payten for what he has done for the club this season and I wish him well in his new journey with North Queensland, I truly hope he turns that side around just not when they face the Warriors.

Attack starting to build

In the 2020 preseason, the Warriors announced that they were changing their attacking style, taking off the shackles to unleash the Warriors strike weapons. This, unfortunately, did not happen with the Warriors playing the same lacklustre style they did in 2019. However, when Payten took over, you saw the Warriors take a few more chances on attack. Then when Blake Green left the club after round 12, the Warriors attack went up a gear.
I have said often that Green was an anchor to the Warriors attack, making poor decisions on the fifth tackle and with him out of the picture the Warriors finally got to try out the halves combination of Kodi Nikorima and Chanel Harris-Tavita.
CHT is still very young and has a lot to learn, but he is a star, and I believe he will be a mainstay for the club for years to come, and if the Warriors allow his partnership with Nikorima to continue I think they will develop into a formidable duo.
The Warriors forward pack were instrumental in getting the attack back on track with the young props consistently bending the defensive line and the rest of the pack getting the backline into the action with their offloading ability.
I say it every year, but the Warriors are lethal when they can utilise second phase football, that "Warriors Football" is exciting to watch and hard to defend against and hopefully we will see more of the same next season.

My Negatives for 2020
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Unfortunately, there were issues with this season also, so I have narrowed them down to my four most significant negatives.

Missed Tackles

It should come as no surprise since I mentioned it every week but my biggest negative from the 2020 season was missed tackles. The Warriors missed 610 tackles this season making them the fifth-worst team in this department.
The averaged 30 missed tackles a match, and this is something that needs to be fixed immediately, how they fix it though, well I'm not entirely sure.
I would say it's an attitude issue, but with how good the Warriors are with their scrambling defence I don't think that is the issue, so it's either fitness or a poor defensive game plan. With all the changes to the coaching staff and the playing squad itself for next season, there is no better time to go back to the drawing board and figure out a new defensive style that suits the side and brings that missed tackle stat down.


Another regular complaint from me this season was the Warriors error rate. They made 202 errors this season which was actually the second least amount which is good; however, my issue was that the Warriors unforced errors consistently happened early in their sets or when they were deep in the oppositions RedZone or when they were trying to get out of their own RedZone. These mistakes are called coach killers for a reason, and they need to just reign them in a little.
It's a catch22 with this side though as they are more likely to make errors when they are throwing the ball around, so it is all about finding that balance without hindering their attack.


Injuries were a major concern with the Warriors losing so many players before the first round. Injuries were a common issue for all sides this season and are hard to prevent, so it's hard to offer a solution to improve the injured tally in the future.
With so many players getting injured before the season started though means that perhaps they need to make some adjustments to their preseason training to reduce the chances of injury.
It's a hard thing to try and fix, but with the Warriors most likely spending the 2021 season in Australia once again they are going to need to ensure they have as many hands-on-deck as possible.

Slow Starts

My last negative is the Warriors horrible trend of starting matches slowly. Quite often the Warriors found themselves two or three tries behind before they kicked into gear.
They were able to get themselves back into the contest most of the time, but they did themselves no favours, but starting matches cold.
Like all the negatives I have mentioned though this is something that can be fixed in both the offseason and preseason.
Perhaps a change to how they warm up and prepare before kickoff is what is required so let's add it to the list for the new coaching staff to work on in the upcoming months.

My Top Three Warriors for the season

Quite a few players stood up this season with several players being selected as my Warrior of the match throughout the season,, but I have selected the three that appeared the most as my Warriors of the season.

Tohu Harris
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Tohu Harris was head and shoulders above the rest of the Warriors in 2020, I gave him my Warrior of the match on six occasions this season, the next best only managed three.
Harris has come out in the past and acknowledged that his body hasn't been 100% for some time and with the extended time, off in 2019 in was coming into this season without any niggles and man did it show with Harris being able to play in all 20 matches for the Warriors in what has been his best year since joining the side.
He was the leader of the forward pack and rolled up his sleeves and did more than his fair share of work, making a team-high 845 tackles (the next best in the Warriors only made 558). Not being content with being a defensive powerhouse, Harris was also 2nd in the club for running metres totalling 3465 metres.
2020 was a great year for Harris, and hopefully, 2021 will be even better.
Speaking of 2021, it is also the final year of his contract, and with rival clubs allowed to speak with him from the first of November, the Warriors need to get an offer on the table for him ASAP, or they will lose him, and I don't think the Warriors can afford that.


It should come as no surprises that the 2020 Dally M Captain of the year has made my top three Warriors once again. In the 18 games he played this year, he ran for 3973 meters (5th in the NRL), scored 5 tries, had 84 tackle breaks and made 8 line breaks. He offers so much on attack already, but if he can get himself involved in a playmaking capacity, it will add an extra feather in his cap and make the Warriors attack a lot stronger.
In my 2019 season review, I voiced my concerns that the Warriors were relying on their skipper too much and that if the club didn’t find players that were willing to share the load, that they could wind up losing him. This year you saw the rest of the squad really give their all for the skipper, which is a testament to how well respected he is.
The sacrifices he made for this club this year have been widely reported, and he has admitted that he struggled every day with wanting to come home, but I think he knew that if he left the Warriors most likely would have imploded. So thank you RTS for everything you have done, and I hope you enjoy some much deserved time with your young family.

Peta Hiku

Peta Hiku had a great 2020 and earnt himself a one-year extension. I have been critical of Hiku’s defensive issues in the past, but you cannot argue that what he offers on attack more than makes up for it.
After assisting his winger in being the Warriors leading try-scorer two years straight, it was Hiku’s time to shine with him leading the Warriors with 8 tries. He also ran for 2204 running metres, made 5 line breaks, 28 tackle breaks, and he also kept his reputation as an unselfish centre by ending the season with 9 try assists, the second-highest amount by a Warrior this season.
Yes, his defence is still a concern, but if the Warriors get a solid defending second-rower to sit out on his edge with him, then that will solve that problem and allow him to do what he does best. Fingers crossed his form continues into 2021, and we see him earn another contract extension.

My Three Warriors who need to improve

On the other hand, the players that appeared in my Warriors to improve section throughout the season were mainly the same one's week in and week out. Most of them, however, are no longer with the club (Blake Green, Gerard Beale and Isaiah Papali'i) so I have excluded them from this section and will select my three 2021 contracted players that need to improve the most in 2021.

Kodi Nikorima
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It was hard to put Kodi Nikorima in this section as I thought he had a reasonably decent season. He lead the side with 19 try assists and provided several highlight-reel performances that brought a smile to my face. The reason I have him in this section, however, is solely because he would at times have games where he would disappear. Every time the Warriors had a great performance you can guarantee Nikorima was running the ball, if he can consistently attack the line, then the Warriors are one step closer to getting the win. When he just sits out the back and just throws the ball to whoever is closest to him them the Warriors are immediately on the backfoot.
Maybe its a confidence thing but the Warriors 2021 forward pack looks to be full of potential, so if they are doing all the hard work up front, then Nikorima should have plenty of space to utilise his running game.

Wayde Egan

Wayde Egan had a passable first year with the Warriors, patchy at times but towards the end of the season, he started to show promise.
In 2021 he needs to eliminate the no-look passes out of the ruck, they are too slow, and most of the time they tend to drift forward. The Warriors need quick, crisp passing from their dummy half and he started to show that he had the goods in that department.
He also needs to work on his snipe game, many of the top sides in 2020 had mobile hookers that darted out of the ruck when the markers were a tad slow and got there team a six again call.
One perk of the Warriors new coach Nathan Brown is that as a former hooker he is good at working with his team's hookers so we should expect to see Egan and Karl Lawton reach a new level.

David Fusitu'a

My last player to improve is David Fusitu'a.
Fusitu'a did not have a lot of game time this season due to coming home early, in his absence the Warriors has several players step up and make that wing spot their own. I know Kearney moved Fusitu'a into the centres, but with Hiku and new signing Euan Aitken there I don't see him getting a shot there again.
With Adam Pompey still with the club and having a decent season, he will be pushing for a position in the gameday 17, and while Fusitu'a should slot straight back into the side, if he doesn't up his game, he may find himself on the outer.
He is a great player with talent in finding the try-line, but after leading the NRL in tries scored in 2018, he has been in a bit of a dry patch. He needs to hit the ground running in 2021 and get himself back on the scoreboard, or he may find himself looking for another club.

In Summary

If you take a black and white look at the 2020 season, you would say it was a fail due to the Warriors missing the playoffs once again.
However, at the end of this season, I felt confident that the Warriors are on the right track, now I'm not saying that I think the Warriors are going to go all the way in 2021, but playoffs are a reasonable expectation. They showed toughness and heart, and if that continues into the 2021 season, their opponents will have to take them seriously.
They have cleaned out a lot of talent and have got some good signings on the way, in particular the signing of Addin Fonua-Blake which has got me really excited.
The forward pack looks better than it has in years and the backline with the return of Ken Maumalo and David Fusitu'a looks as dangerous as ever. 
So we will see what happens, but I can admit that I am looking forward to writing about the 2021 season a hell of a lot more than I was as this season started.

2020 has been such a strange year, with no live games to go to, but writing about the season and starting my show The Stand-Off on New Zealand Sport Radio has helped me get through some tough times so I would like to thank all of you that continue to read my ramblings every week. I want to continue to write throughout the offseason, so watch this space.
I also want to reach out to the Warriors to see if I can get some people on the Facebook show or get some interviews to publish on here. Fingers crossed on that, but you guys will be the first to know.

While the writing will have a little break, my Facebook show will still have a few more episodes before season one ends so come check it out 8pm on Wednesdays.

Thank you all once again, and I look forward to talking to you soon.

So that was my take on 2020, and as usual, I will leave you with some questions.

What are your thoughts on the 2020 season?
Who was your player of the year?
Which player needs to improve the most?
What realistic changes would you make for next season?
How do you see the 2021 season going?

Monday, 28 September 2020

NZ Warriors Round 20 Review: Season ends on a high note as Warriors thump Sea Eagles

After last weeks spirited performance against the Canberra Raiders, the Warriors returned to their foster home on the Central Coast to face the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles. 
With neither side moving onto the finals series, this was the last chance they had to end their season on a positive note. After surviving an early onslaught by Manly, it was the Warriors who ended their season in the winners' circle, winning 40-28 in a high-scoring affair.

What a way for the Warriors to end their season. I was confident that they would get the job done but watching Manly starve the Warriors of possession in the early stages and surging out to a 10-0 lead. I must admit I started to worry that the Warriors were already mentally on the flight home. However, as soon as the Warriors got their hands on the ball, all that worry went away as they went off a tryscoring blitz, scoring 5 tries on the trot and once they got the lead, they never looked in doubt despite leaking another 3 tries.

Besides the Sea Eagle's quick start, the Warriors were able to dominate the territory and forced Manly to try and play their way out of their own 20 for the majority of their sets, and most teams would struggle to stay competitive when camped that deep in their own half.

The Warriors look set to farewell Patrick Herbert and Adam Keighran, but I think their efforts in this match showed why the Warriors should keep them around, we have seen what injuries can do to a sides playoff aspirations, so depth is needed, and they are both more than capable of filling spots on the field. If the Warriors do let them go, I hope they get picked up by another club as they still deserve a place in the NRL.

It was a good performance by a side that many had written off (myself included) after a less than stellar start to the 2020 season, and they have earnt plenty of respect from their opposition and the Australian media alike. Now after spending 5 months away from home, they can come back for a much-deserved break to spend some quality time with their families before getting back into the grind of preseason training for the 2021 season.

There was plenty to smile about in this performance which leads me to my positives from the game.

The Warriors played plenty of positive attacking football, and it was beautiful to watch. There wasn't as much "Warriors Football" as you would have expected, but they attacked with intent and played smart football. If they can continue to play that smart football with a healthy dose of offloads and second phase football, then they will be a handful for any side to face.

The forward pack outdid themselves again, the platform they set put the Warriors in the driver's seat, and it gave the backs all the chances they needed to score points. 5 of the pack ran for over 100 metres with my Warrior of the year Tohu Harris leading the way yet again with 159 metres.
There are plenty of young players in this pack, and with plenty of experienced players back in New Zealand due to injury or family reasons it forced the rookies to step up and learn to be first graders without a safety net, and I think they delivered.
Eliesa Katoa, Jamayne Taunoa-Brown and Jack Murchie have all played well beyond their years, and I look forward to watching their careers grow next year.

Behind that rolling forward pack, Kodi Nikorima and Chanel Harris-Tavita had plenty of time to put the side into attacking situations and it was perhaps their best outing as a halves pairing.
Nikorima started to run again and will need to ensure that he consistently brings that facet of his game next season as the Warriors are a more dangerous outfit when he has his running shoes on.
Harris-Tavita showed why he is the future of this club with a great outing, he ended the match with 4 try assists and a solid kicking game.
It's still early days for this pairing, but I think they bring the best out of each other and their combination will continue to grow, especially when they get to play behind that impressive pack in 2021.

Lastly, the Warriors discipline improved this week, with the side only conceding 1 penalty and giving away 5 six again calls.
The six again calls were mainly in the early stages when Manly keep hold of the ball, but it was a great display from the Warriors as they made the Sea Eagles work for every set the got. Going into 2021, I want to see the Warriors bring this level of discipline week in and week out, give away no freebies and watch those other sides start to worry.

There wasn't much, but I did have a few issues which leads me to my negatives from the match.

Those slow starts are coach killers, and the Warriors need to sort it out, they have shown that can bounce back when they are behind in the early stages. If the Warriors want to be competitive in the NRL, they can't afford to give their opposition a leg up in the opening quarter of football.

My usual negative is still here with the Warriors missing 28 tackles. They stilhave great scrambling defence but they need to tighten up that first contact defence to just make winning a little bit easier. I'm not sure if it is down to attitude, communication or technique but improving the defense is a top priority when the team gets back together in the preseason.

My Warrior of the match for the second week in a row goes to Peta Hiku.
There were a few players that could have taken this spot with Harris-Tavita, Adam Keighran and Eliesa Katoa all putting thier hands up but I had to go with Hiku in a strong outing at fullback.
Filling Roger Tuivasa-Shecks boots is always a tough ask and Hiku had a few hiccups in the early stages but as his confidence started to grow he was a constant threat on attack, when he sits out on the edge he is one of the best at putting his winger away but that went to another level when he was out the back as he was inserting himself into the attack all over the park and his pass to Keighran for his first try was fantastic. I'm not saying that I would move him to fullback fulltime but I hope that RTS can learn a few of Hiku's tricks to add an extra dimension to his attack.

Also for the second week in a row, I have no Warrior to improve so I want to give a shout out to Adam Blair.
Blair announced his retirement during the week in what must have been a hard decision for him to make but I think it was the right call. There is plenty of talent in the Warriors forwards now and he may have struggled to get himself into the 17 not to mention 2021 looks to be another year spent in Australia so retiring now and getting to spend time at home with the family looks pretty good.
Blair has had his share of up's and down's and his time with the Warriors has not always been that flash but I think he had a strong 2020 after being moved to the front row.
He will still remain with the Warriors with rumours of him working with the young Maori players in the community and I think he will ace it and I truly wish him the best with this new opportunity. It takes a special kind of player to spend 15 years in first grade and I want to thank him for all he has done with the Kiwis and the Warriors.

So 2020 is done and what a season it has been, at times it looked like the season was not even going to reach the finals but watching the Warriors improvement in the finals stages of the season made this season a little more tolerable.
I miss going to live games and I hope we get games at Mount Smart next year but with how everything is going in the world I am not getting my hopes up just yet but my fingers will be crossed.

I will be taking a break from my writing for a little bit but my season review will be up during the finals. I also want to do some writing during the offseason instead of dissapeering for a few months so if you have anything you would like me to write about let me know.
I was thinking of doing some pieces like my top 5 warriors of the season, 5 that failed to deliver. Things like that so stay tuned.

My weekly show The Stand-Off will still be airing every Wednesday on Facebook and IHeart Radio on New Zealand Sport Radio so if you haven't checked that yet, tune in on Wednesdays at 8 and throw some questions my way.

I'm proud of how they team has gone this year, obviously making the playoffs would have been better but with all the trials and tribulations the Warriors have faced this season I think they have set a solid platform moving into 2020.
Nathan Brown has a big task ahead of him and will need to ensure that the Warriors start next season in the same manner that they ended this one.
Addin Fonua-Blake and Ben Murdoch-Masila add plenty of size to the pack and Euan Aitken is a handy addition to the backline so anything less than finals football will be disappointing but I must say, it feels great to be feeling optimistic about next season.

So that was a positive Round 20, and as usual, I will leave you with some questions.

Who do you think will win the Grand Final?
Do you think the Warriors can reach the playoffs in 2021?
Who was your player of the day?
Would you be keeping any of the players that the Warriors are letting go?

Monday, 21 September 2020

NZ Warriors Round 19 Review: Strong start not enough as Raiders overcome spirited Warriors

After lasts weeks heartbreaking loss to the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks, the Warriors travelled to GIO Stadium to face the Canberra Raiders.
The Raiders were looking for a strong win to get themselves closer to the top four but were rocked by a Warriors team that was still determined to compete well above their ladder position. Despite a strong start from the Warriors, the Raiders got the job done winning 26-14. 

Well, I got my prediction correct this week with the Raiders winning by 12 but the Warriors looked to be on the way to an upset victory in Canberra for the second year in a row after a strong start against a Raiders team lacking in discipline.
The Warriors looked the better team with the ball in hand in the first half and had a chance to put the foot on the throat of Canberra when Jack Wighton was sent to the bin, but the Raiders bounced back and actually scored two tries while having only 12 men on the park. Admittingly the first try was a lucky break with Semi Valemei scooping up a wayward Warriors offload to run the left of the field.
Now if that try hadn't happened and the Warriors had scored there, it may well have been a different outcome but the Warriors were unlucky to go into the sheds at the break trailing 16-14.

I was worried about how the team would go in the second half, knowing that Ricky Stuart would have giving the Raiders a right bollocking before they ran out and while they were the better side in the second half. It did show the difference in class between the two sides but the Warriors could hold their heads high, they stayed in the contest for the majority of the match and looked ten times better than the Warriors side that faced the Raiders at the start of the season.

Having to reshuffle the side after the injury to Roger Tuivasa-Sheck took hindered the Warriors attack a bit but I liked what I saw from the majority of the side. The Warriors have got a good base now and with the named additions to the roster for 2021, I think the Warriors have the ability to reach the playoffs, the key for them is going to be keeping the tough attitude they have developed this season.

Despite the result, there was some aspect of the match that made me smile, which leads me to my positives from the game.

The Warriors have been criticized for slow start in the past couple of rounds so it was pleasing to see them start the match strong, they just need to find the right balance between starting strong and keeping the pressure going for the entire match. The Raiders are no slouches but if the Warriors want to be a playoff contending side then they need to get that balance right and more importantly keep it week in and week out.

The forwards went missing last week but they bounced back here and appeared to rattle the Raiders pack which may also be the reason the Raiders were so undisciplined in the early stages of the match.
5 of the forwards ran for over 100 metres and they were solid defensively, reducing the Raiders opportunities in the middle.
One forward I want to praise here is Lachlan Burr, now full disclosure here I am a big fan of Burr but he hasnt had the best season and I am not surprised that the Warriors have elected to not extend his stay with the club. However he had one of his best performance here, it appeared that he was given the task of putting pressure on Josh Papalii and I think he did a great job, every time Papalii got the ball Burr was right in his face and reduced the impact the superstar prop had on this match.
Burr is fighting for a contract somewhere and if he can deliver another strong outing in Round 20 then I think he has a shot picking up a deal at another NRL club looking for a cheap forward option. 

The Warriors played with intensity, with a chance to make the playoffs gone many pundits across the ditch claimed that the Warriors would now have thier sights set on going home and would go back to the heavy defeats we saw earlier in the year. But this Warriors side gets themselves into the battle and makes sides earn their victories.
One thing that has been highlighted on social media after this match was the Raiders runaway try, Valemei was scorching up the field and the Warriors had 8 players chasing him all the way to the end. Yes they couldnt stop him but the heart and desire the Warriors showed in that one play makes me proud of how far this side has come this season.

Unfortunately, I had some issues with the performance too, which leads me to my negatives.

As always I need to bring up the missed tackles, the Warriors ended the match with 29 missed tackles. Thier scrambling defense saved them of many occasions but thier first up tackling needs to be worked on in the upcoming offseason, fix that and the Warriors will be a harder opponent to defeat.

The Warriors were guilty of forcing passes a little too much in this match, two of the Raiders tries came off wayward Warriors offloads. It's the high risk, high reward style of play that make the Warriors exciting to watch when the get into "Warriors Football" mode. However in this match there were several times when the Warriors didn't need to throw a 50/50 pass. It's a bit of a contradiction but I just want to see them reign the 50/50's just a little bit without going all the way back to the stifled attack of the Kearney era.

Lastly the Warriors gave away too many penalties, they only had 8 penalties in this match but 7 of them were in the second half and it really hurt the Warriors momentum.
The ref didnt have the best night to be fair but the Warriors flirted with the rules a little too much and lost out. It is no secret that the Warriors seldom get the rub of the green when it comes to the man with the whistle so they need to ensure that they are extra squeaky clean. 

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My Warrior of the match goes to Peta Hiku.
I almost gave this to Burr this week but I think Hiku had a great night out. He scored the Warriors only tries in this match and almost had himself a hat-trick. Hiku still needs to work on his defense (he missed 4 tackles in this match) but you cannot question his impact on the Warriors attack, for the past two seasons Hiku has been the centre feeding the Warriors leading tryscorer and in 2020 he is the leading tryscorer for the Warriors.
Defenders know that he is always ready to flick the ball to his winger so i think this creates chances for him to throw a dummy and go himself. Perhaps it is something he can try to incorporate into his gameplan moving forward. He only got a one year extension with the Warriors but I expect him to go from strength to strength in 2021 and get himself a longer contract.

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I don't have a Warrior to improve this week so I just want to give a shout out to Roger Tuivasa-Sheck in what was his last perfromance for the Warriors in 2020.
My heart sank when RTS limped to the sideline, it is well documented how tough RTS has had it in 2020 and he did not deserve to see his season end in this way.
He is the heart and soul of this team and he has really shown why the Warriors picked him to be thier leader.
Roger thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and I hope you truly enjoy your much dereserved time with your family in the upcoming weeks.

I know there are rumours that he may leave the club if they are forced to stay in Oz for all of 2021, but I'm hopeful that with the extra time to plan for a 2021 season spent abroad, the Warriors will be able to ensure that all the players have thier families join them across the Tasman.
Obviously I would prefer the Warriors to be able to play in NZ (I miss going to Mt Smart), but with COVID still running rampant I don't see it happening.

Round 20 sees the Warriors return to Central Coast Stadium for thier final match against the Sea Eagles.
Normally I cringe when the Warriors face Manly but they have not had the best season and both sides will most likely be without thier superstar fullback with Tom Trbovich likely to miss this encounter after getting injured in his return match last week.
Both sides will be looking at ended thier season on a high but I think the Warriors will have the edge here. I think the Warriors will move Hiku to fullback but I'm not sure who they will bring into the centres but Paul Turner could find himself back in the 17 (he also could come in at fullback). I'm predicting it will be a tight contest but I'm going with a Warriors win by 14.

There are rumours that the Warriors are chasing Addin Fonua-Blake and Jack Hetherington for 2021, I think both would be welcomed additions to the Warriors squad and give them one hell of a pack. I will be covering my thoughts on this news in my online show The Stand-Off on New Zealand Sport Radio on Wednesday night so if you want to hear more about that, tune in at 8pm on Wednesday (the show airs on my facebook page love).

So that was an unfortunate Round 19, and as usual, I will leave you with some questions.

Who would you play at fullback in RTS absence?
Do you think the Warriors can reach the playoffs in 2021?
Who was your player of the day?
What is your score prediction for the Sea Eagles clash?