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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Need to Vent about my Warriors

I've taken a few weeks to think things over before writing this as I wanted to have a less emotional response.
A little over a month ago I was in the process of writing about the Vodafone Warriors, and how I was getting a sense of Déjà vu in the way, they were tracking this season and similar it was to the 2011 season when they made it all the way to the Grand Final.
However, before I even finished my research for the piece, the Warriors went from being in the fourth position seven to eight weeks ago to now losing six games in a row.
Including three embarrassing thrashings from the Sydney Roosters who beat them 24-0, the St George Dragons who beat them 36-0 and then the most recent game, a loss to the North Queensland Cowboys 50-16.
This loss I think hurt me as a fan more as the Warriors were leading 16-0 fourteen minutes into the game and then just collapsed.

Now I can admit that I am a Warrior's tragic, I have a wardrobe filled with Warriors jerseys, Warriors posters and artwork grace the walls of my bedroom and makeshift man cave garage and that’s all before I even mentioned the Warriors tattoo that I have on my leg.
I love this team and have done so since I was a five-year-old watching their first season back in 1995.
I have always defended the Warriors, but there has to be a point where we as fans stop blaming the injury count, the ref calls and every other excuse we come up with and start to question what is going wrong with the Vodafone Warriors.

Yes they have had injuries (Currently seven players are our injured) and losing Shaun Johnson has not helped their cause but injuries happened, and every other team in the NRL is dealing with injuries too.
The management and coaching staff need to have plans set in place for injuries it just seems to make common sense doesn't it?
Too many times this season and seasons past the Warriors have put players in unfamiliar positions.
Yes, I admit sometimes it has worked (Jerome Ropati being out at fullback and playing the best he had in year’s springs to mind) but more often than not it hasn't worked out, so they need to stop.

I have heard and read from other fans screaming for Andrew McFadden’s head and wanting the Warriors to hire another coach, I believe that this will not fix the problem; it will only continue the Warriors down the path of mediocrity.
I want to judge Andrew on his performance as a coach next season as it will be the first season he has had in charge with a squad completely full with players that he wants.
I have heard that the Warriors are looking at bringing an advisor in to assist Andrew with the on field operations of the club much like John Hart did with Ivan Cleary.
John Hart has been mentioned to do the role again as well as Tim Sheens, an experienced person like that may be the crucial cog needed to get this team back on track, so I hope that this idea comes to fruition.
I hate to always be thinking ahead to the next season instead of looking forward to the playoffs but this season is gone for the Warriors so next season and beyond is all I have.

Reading and listening to interviews from Andrew McFadden and Jim Doyle and hearing their stories about how bad the Warriors structure and attitudes were when they arrived at the club shocked me.
Now I wanted Wayne Scurrah gone from the club for a long time but hearing how bad the actually was behind the scenes I am surprised he managed to keep his job for as long as he did and I am not surprised that the Warriors have not performed well for years.
Hearing about players routinely arriving late to training and arriving to preseason unfit and overweight is just unprofessional.
I went back to playing myself this year, and I was driving from my job 60-70 Kilometers to my old club for training's, and I was never late to training or game, and I don’t even get paid.
This is their job, in fact, they have a job that myself and countless others would die to have; they get paid to play a sport.
I know if I arrived late to my job consistently and arrived not in the state my work expected me to be in, I would be on my way out.
It seems that this is now happening with some of the Warriors squad with at present 12 team members leaving/being released at the end of the season.
A clean out and kick in the ass is a great start to a new era in the Warriors history.

2016 I want to say is going to be a turn in fortune for this team I love, they have two excellent signings coming in Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Isaac Luke.
If Andrew and Jim can install their vision of a good attitude into the club and add a few more tweaks (Namely in my opinion a new captain as Simon Mannering is a good performer for the club but not a good captain).
 The Warriors could finally become the one thing that is needed to be classed as a successful franchise.


That is enough from me in my attempt at venting but in my next piece I will take a deeper look into the 2015 season and give my opinion on the top performers and biggest letdowns for the season.

All I can say in closing is that there is enough at the Warriors club for me to “Keep the Faith” as they say but the effort needs to be put in now if 2016 and beyond are going to be successful.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

My Constant Struggle

I started toying with an idea a few years ago and started attempting to write a book.
After jumping in and getting around 3000 words in I hit a wall and I just stopped writing.
Days of not writing became weeks which grew into months and then before I knew it I had reached just over a year without touching my idea.
I don't know why I stopped, I guess you can say I was lazy and at the first hurdle I just walked away from it.
The idea was still in my head I just couldn't bring myself to put my idea into words anymore.
If I can be honest I think a large part of it was a lack of confidence in actually being able to write a story that could be a book, I mean I'm just an average guy, not some author so why try?
So I gave up without thinking twice, and it wasn't until a friend showed me that if you put your mind to it, you can beat that self-doubt and achieve your dreams.
My friend had also started working a book (Actually a series of books), and even though he hit similar walls like mine, he just kept at it.
I spent over a year getting bits and pieces of his stories and discussing his story with him over and over and i got to watch his idea become a book.
When i was sitting there holding a book with my friends name published on the front i had a thought "Hey this was just his idea at the start and look at it now, i should do that with my idea too".
Now I'm not trying to say that my attempt at writing a book will be as good as his (I love his book and think it is amazing and personally recommend it as a must buy for everyone.
I will share a link below to the website you can look at it on and buy) but he is just regular guy like me, and I should get back to my idea.

So with a new sense of purpose I grabbed my story and read it over and decided to tweak things in it, so I basically started over.
I think it is better now than how it was originally (There is a sample of it in my blog "To write or not to write").
But my confidence left me again, and as I was sitting there on my laptop, I found myself ignoring my story and falling down the rabbit hole that is you-tube.
I let my brain turn off and wasn't really paying attention until I found a Kevin Smith Q&A.
I have always found his Q&A's interesting and there was a something that he said in response to the question "How do you find the time to do all the amazing things you do and still be a normal father, husband, etc.
His answer stuck with me and hopefully will help me get my book back on track.
He told the audience a story about his dad passing away and his realisation that the only guarantee in life is that we all are going to die and we really have no idea when it will happen, so we need to fill our lives with as much as possible.
He then went on to explain that the world we live in now is very cynical and full of why people (People who question your life choices like "Why are you trying to write a book?").
The key to succeeding in this world is to ignore the whys and instead ask why not and take a shot because the shot is always worth taking.
Listening to his story i realized that the biggest why person in my life was me, i was preventing myself from taking the shot and i decided that i am no longer going to question myself and I'm going to finish my story, maybe it wont become a book like my friends story did but i will never have that chance to find out if i don't try so watch this space as i take my shot and hopefully the words of wisdom that i took from Kevin Smith and tried to spread with my words here reach some people and help them take there shot.

If you think this message applies to you or people you know share my story around and help others achieve their dreams an also, please click on the link below to check out my friend's book.